Distrijazz is an independent, distribution company founded in 2002. Today it has become a leading jazz distribution company in Spain & Portugal distributing most of the more significant Jazz labels in the world.


Beyond the music distribution we work in market introduction for merchandising, apparel and accessory brands which can benefit from our experience, our knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese markets, and an established and strong commercial network of contacts.
Flexible, quick reaction and financially solid company, Distrijazz has strong commercial ties with the most relevant chain stores in both countries as well as Amazon. Our stable and firm reputation among our partners is based on pursuing long-term relationships that are built on trust and results in the form of a strong, sustainable market presence and promotion.

Please get in touch with us on import@distrijazz.com
Or by calling David Rondan on +34 93 444 79 57 ext. 2005